Telephone and Video Conference Interpreting Services

Telephone or Skype conversations (including video conferencing) are one of the most popular means of direct business contact with partner(s). In addition, there is no more need for expensive business trips and, in some cases, transatlantic flights; hotel or ticket booking, etc. For telephone conversation, all you need is simple equipment (Skype or phone) to establish a connection via a translator, so all three parties could hear each other.

Conversations involving interpreting over the phone (Skype) have some special features. An interpreter cannot see the conversation parties or their reaction to what has been said, so he/she only relies on the speaker’s intonation to interpret the parties’ attitude to the subject matter. This may be also complicated by the speaker’s accent or specific articulation. In addition, the ethical aspects of business negotiations and interpreting services should be considered. In a word, such form of interpreting requires advanced professional skills, as well as strong nerves and quick wit.

However, this communication mode is growing more and more popular in today’s business community and, in particular, this refers to multi-user (video) Skype conversations (video conferencing). This is the most efficient and attractive form (given that Skype is a free service) of real-time business communication. This mode of negotiations improves the visual expression of the conversation enabling the parties to demonstrate something while they speak (during video conferencing, which is also free of charge in this case). This facilitates the interpreter’s work as he/she can see the non-verbal components of the conversation (speaker’s gestures, mimics or mood).

LinguaContact Translation Company provides highly-professional telephone interpreters who will use their best efforts to assist you in negotiations over the phone or video conferencing. The customer is free to choose between two possible interpreting service modes: «Standard mode» when the interpreter acts as a moderator in communication, or «Delegating mode» when the interpreter conducts negotiations in his/her own name speaking foreign language only (with audio recording option) after receiving the relevant instructions from the customer.
Similar to the traditional oral translation, the above services are charged on an hourly basis.
We’ll make our every effort to make your negotiations a success.
You can download Skype here.

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Telephone and Video Conference Interpreting Services

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