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Technical translation

Such phenomenon as technical translation can be singled out as a separate branch of knowledge, a separate discipline. There is no agreement between scientists, theorists, translators and technical specialists as to whether a technical translator is in the first place a high-level linguist having deep knowledge of sciences, or an engineer, a “techie”, excelling in languages.

We would dare to state that LinguaContact translation company has its own vision of the issue: both types of technical translators have their “right of existence”. And our stance is proved by our experience in this field. The key factor in such specific area as technical translation, which links Humanities and Sciences, is the experience and skills of a particular specialist. That is why in LinguaContact technical translations are exclusively performed by translators who possess many years’ experience in the field that the translated text belongs to. Moreover, to assure adequate interpretation of the original the translators, as a rule, specialize in a particular segment of the engineering and technology science. Besides, a great deal of attention is paid to quality control mechanisms, developed by our agency, that encompass quality management system (triple checking of the translation), our own term bases and glossaries, Translation Memory technology.

These are some of the segments of technical translation that LinguaContact works in:

— Aerospace industry;
— Agriculture;
— Anchoring equipment;
— Automation;
— Automobile manufacturing;
— Chemistry;
— Clothing manufacture;
— Construction industry;
—Energetics and power engineering;
— Engineering industry;
— Environmental science;
— Electrical engineering;
— Food industry;
— Genetics;
— Geology;
— Hydraulics;
— Instrument engineering;
— IT and telecommunication;
— Logistics;
— Mineral resource industry;
— Mathematics:
— Metallurgy;
— Oil and gas industry;
— Pharmaceutics;
— Physics;
— Radioelectronics;
— Shipbuilding industry;
— Woodworking industry.

Technical translation is most often comprised of manuals, user’s guides, operating instructions, design documentation, draft proposals, specifications, drawings and other supporting technical documentation.
Importance of technical texts translation quality is beyond any doubt. Could you imagine the possible consequences of a mistake in industrial equipment documentation? Or how much a misinterpreted term in a software manual could complicate a programmer’s life?
Every technical translation performed by our agency undergoes quality control. And there is no increase in the rate for special terms. You may ask: “Why”? According to the universal linguistic thesis saying that difficulty and volume of a text are in direct correlation: the more difficult text is longer. This way the complexity of technical glossary and texts are compensated by larger volumes, which bring a higher profit for us. And shorter and less pricey texts are easier to process due to their clearness.
You can put our proficiency to the test and order a free sample translation.
Quality is our priority!

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