Medical translation

Medical translation

In the field of scientific and technical texts medical translation is marked by higher quality standards: the value of a mistake in science that deals with human lives can be too high, no matter whether it is a validation report, a biochemical assay, a sick voucher, an epicrisis, a clinical research, or some diagnostic equipment manual.

That is why there is a major division of translators and interpreters into “medical” and “non-medical” ones. The former tend to have two diplomas — both in linguistics and medicine, but even that might not suffice for desirable efficiency.

The most reliable criterium in this respect is effective long-term collaboration with an expert. We have at our disposal a number of high-level trusty specialists, elaborate quality control procedures, topic-related glossaries and dictionaries to do medical translations of any volume with tight deadlines.
Linguistic traits of medical translation:
—Dry laconic style with short clear phrases with maximum message transparency.
— International Latin-based lexicon. Knowledge of the lexical roots of this ancient language is a “sine qua non” requirement for a medical translator and interpreter (e.g.: ventricular, distal, peritoneal, etc.)
—A multitude of abbreviations and contractions that require minute elucidation (TS — technical staff; VWD — variable wave detector; Rs — resolution; rettime — retention time, etc.)
— Homogeneity and clichéd style of medical documentation that makes translation memory technologies come in handy.
Calculating the cost of single medical translation orders we implement a 1.5 ratio, taking into account the difficulty of such tasks. But our loyal clientele and those with large orders may enjoy a flexible price policy.
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Expression of gratitude

We would like to thank LinguaContact translation company for our fruitful cooperation in translation and subtitling of TV shows. While working on the project, LinguaContact proved to be an accurate, goal-oriented and highly responsive team of professionals.”
- T.V. Zubov, Head of Line Production Department (Comedy Club Production)