Transcription of Audio/Video Content

Do you have an audio- or video-recording of a speech, a presentation, a debate, a workshop, or a panel discussion and you need to have it presented in the form of text and translated from a foreign language into Russian or vice versa? At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a hard task — not until you try it for yourself. Once you give it a shot, you’ll discover that it won’t be possible to get the job done without having professional skills. It turns out that this type of work requires diligence, attentiveness, literacy, a high typing speed, an ability to not just overhear and figure out what’s been uttered by the speaker (the recording can be of rather poor quality), but what’s behind those words – the thoughts and intentions of the speaker, with the latter’s intonation likely to be crucial in some parts of the address. Or are you dealing with a recording of a heated debate where the participants keep heckling each other trying to interpose a comment or even happen to speak all at the same time? All this done in a foreign language and numerous specialized terms or a professional lingo used along the way? The quality of the recording poor? Besides, there are times when one has to recognize the speakers by their voice and figure out whom a certain statement is coming from. One can easily tell it when dealing with videos, while it’s hard to do it when it comes to audio-recordings. However, all this can be achieved if done by someone with extensive experience and using special computer programs.
Transcription of 1 minute of recording:
— from Russian: from 25 rubles;
— from English and other European languages: from 100 rubles;
— from other foreign languages: available upon request.
If you decide to have LinguaContact work on this type of service for you, you’ll make the right choice, since we have everything one can need for this kind of work — experienced individuals with extensive experience in transcribing, programs intended for it, and a thorough command of various languages (including Russian).

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Высококачественные услуги

Благодарим бюро переводов "ЛингваКонтакт" за оказание качественных услуг по синхронному русско-китайскому переводу. Хочется отметить индивидуальный подход, оперативность принятия решений, подбор высококвалифицированных переводчиков и гарантированное выполнение взятых обязательств. ”
- АУ Чувашской Республики "РБИ" Минэкономразвития Чувашии

Expression of gratitude

We would like to thank LinguaContact translation company for our fruitful cooperation in translation and subtitling of TV shows. While working on the project, LinguaContact proved to be an accurate, goal-oriented and highly responsive team of professionals.”
- T.V. Zubov, Head of Line Production Department (Comedy Club Production)