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Translation of Audio/Video Files

In addition to the traditional services of written and oral translation, the LinguaContact translation agency also provides such services as:
1. translation of audio content (speeches, audio-lessons, presentations, mass media reports, songs);
2. translation of video content (advertising and business videos, movies, cartoons/animation);
3. transcription;

Translation from audio and video carriers is a relatively new service. This type of translation is a combination of written and oral translation and is implemented by our agency from various storage devices (audio-cassettes, VHS, CD/DVD disks, audio files of various formats, as well as online videos/tracks). Experts consider this type of work to be particularly demanding and complex: to be able to competently carry out the translation of a soundtrack, the person has to be proficient in written translation and also have a professionally good ear (listening comprehension) to be able to properly interpret audio content. Nowadays, audio and video translation is in demand in various spheres of life, including business (advertising, image materials), education, and the motion picture industry.
Translation of soundtracks (in an audio or video file) can be implemented right into a text or can be taken through the stage of transcribing the original (transcription). Text transcription services are also provided as separate work.
Speech transcription is converting (transforming) information from digital audio-recording form into written text form. Written texts have advantages over audiotracks: they are used more widely and are more convenient to transmit. Besides, they can be used for creating subtitles. By duplicating your spoken word with its written analogue, you make your information object unique.
Please visit the Audio/Video Transcription section
In working on your orders for translation of audio and video content into a target language, our agency will conform to all the nuances and peculiarities of that language. You will receive the text in written form with all the time intervals (timecodes) inserted, and, if you wish, we can break the transcribed text down and arrange lines by roles. Upon request, we can have the script dubbed by professional native-speaker voice artists.
Our prices.
The cost of a service depends on the length of the track, on how intelligible the speech is, its speed, and how soon and easily it can be translated depending on the topic involved. Our base prices for translation of multimedia content are listed below.
Transcription of one minute of a recording:
— from Russian: from 25 rubles;
— from English and other European languages: from 100 rubles;
— from other foreign languages: available upon request.
Further on, the cost of translation of a transcribed text is determined based on the prices for regular written translation.
Translation of soundtracks with no transcription is determined based on the prices for regular written translation + 50% of the cost of transcription (transcription is carried out in the translator’s mind, without it written down).
Consequently, the approximate cost of translation of audio content in English will be 400 rubles per 1 minute (the translated text is saved into a text file with no dubbing). The cost of the service in respect of other languages is available upon request.
Translation plus dubbing in Russian by a professional voice artist: from 750 rubles / 1 minute.
Reference information.
It goes without saying that each language has its own peculiarities, which applies to oral speech as well.
Medium speed:
— Russian speech: 110-130 words per minute;
English and French speech: 150-180 words per minute;
German speech: 130-160 words per minute.
As one basic translation page includes 250-300 words, its contents will be pronounced for an average of 2 minutes.
If you happen to need a translation of audio and video content, the LinguaContact translation agency will be happy to take care of it for you!

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