Translation of Customs-related Documentation

таможенный перевод

Having worked in the vineyards of translation of export declarations, invoices, price-lists, cerificates of quality, claim letters, and other standard documents, which are required by Customs authorities to be submitted in translated form , we have realized that it would be fair to make this type of work into a separate category of written translation.
The criteria that make up the specifics of Customs-related translation:
— Most of the work is done using scanned documentation, which implies a frequent use of such services as layout and formatting;
— Customs-related translation involves standard form documentation;
— stricter requirements as to the translator’s/editor’s levels of attention in working with numbers;
— a demand for rare Eastern languages (Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and others).
The factors mentioned above imply a different pricing policy for commercial Customs-related translation, which will definitely have a number of advantages for you, namely:
— The cost is set per a standard document, not a standard page of 1800 characters with spaces. In the end, you, therefore, get a lower price;
— increased speed of fulfilling orders: our agency has accumulated an extensive data-bank of templates for declarations, invoices, packing lists, and other standard Customs-related documentation, which enables us to swiftly fulfill our clients’ orders, even when it comes to working with rare languages;
— certification of translations with LinguaContact’s seal on your second and next orders is free of charge;
— special arrangements for regular customers (most of the time, companies providing customs broker services): all work is carried out under an agreement, at fixed minimum prices, with our clients entitled to use our document-forms for certification by Customs authorities.

ISO 9001:2011

"Alba Longa" translation company was certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2011

Expression of gratitude

We would like to thank LinguaContact translation company (ex. Alba Longa) for our fruitful cooperation in translation and subtitling of TV shows. While working on the project, LinguaContact proved to be an accurate, goal-oriented and highly responsive team of professionals.”
- T.V. Zubov, Head of Line Production Department (Comedy Club Production)

Thank you!

...a great work was carried out: KNT Group web-site and advertising booklets were translated into Spanish, and multiple sound tracks were recorder for our commercial clips. All the works were performed by LinguaContact (ex. Alba Longa) in a very good quality.
The pricing policy is flexible and well balanced.
- Artiom Melnikov, Head of Technical Support (KNT Group)