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Guide interpreter

In addition to the other interpretation services that we offer, we can provide you with a professional guide interpreter. Interpretation in the tourism industry enjoys a particularly high demand in St. Petersburg.

The city is bustling with tourists from all over the world who come even from the most remote locations and sometimes speak quite rare and exotic languages. More and more tourists are attracted by the city’s northern beauty, its special atmosphere, fascinating history, impressive sights and panoramas, famous granite embankments, and even the unpredictable weather! Guests from Italy are deeply interested in the heritage of great Italian architects presented in St. Petersburg. Groups of Chinese tourists are looking to explore the European culture, which differs greatly from their own. Everyone finds something special here.


Higher inflow of tourists in St. Petersburg confirms the city’s growing attractiveness. In 2015, the number of foreign visitors doubled as compared to 2005. In 2014, Russia’s cultural capital was listed in the top ten tourist destinations of Europe, along with London, Rome, Prague, and Barcelona. Speaking of domestic tourism, St. Petersburg successfully secured the title of Russia’s tourist capital, according to a 2015 ranking.

More often than not, business meetings with foreign partners begin or end with a tour of the city. It may either precede the business agenda, setting the tone of the event, or may be a pleasant way to relax in a friendly, informal setting after a long and tiring day of negotiations.

The choice of tourist routes in St. Petersburg is huge. Take a sightseeing trip around the historical center, go on a themed tour, visit magnificent imperial residences – the choice is all yours.

Of course, you could take up the role of the guide yourself but a professional guide interpreter with a high language proficiency level, profound knowledge of historical places and facts, and genuine love for the city would be your best option.

As the name suggests, guide interpreters lead a tour in a foreign language and possess an extensive knowledge of the city’s cultural heritage. They are always ready to share fascinating stories and historical details. They have tons of tour ideas and programs for the city and its suburbs, covering the most picturesque sights and the greatest museums. They are the ones who know the best secluded spots and hidden attractions of the city which sometimes make a bigger impression than some of the traditional postcard views.

Guide interpreters hold a special license or official certificate that confirms their qualifications.

The flow of foreign guests coming to see St. Petersburg never stops throughout the year. However, summer is of course the high season. Therefore, the availability of guide interpreters depends greatly on the time of the year. Tours led by the most popular guides may be booked out well beforehand, especially in summer. So you may want to reserve one in advance – weeks or even months before the actual tour start.

To inquire about a particular language and other tour details, please contact us by phone or e-mail. You can also leave us a message via our website form.

Feel free to ask questions!

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