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Subtitles are pieces of text that simultaneously follow spoken words on the screen. In many countries of the world, subtitles are the only way to dub foreign films. Such translation enables the viewer to, first of all, hear the voice of the actor and, second of all, helps the viewer in learning a foreign language, owing to the fact that speech can be heard in the original language. However, since dubbing applies not just to feature films, but any video materials (presentations, ads, interviews, conferences, etc.), each institution goes for that type of translation of its materials into a foreign or the native language which it deems to be the most appropriate for its purposes, and all the more so given that creating subtitles is a process which, in terms of time and money, is less costly than voice dubbing. Therefore, if your order is time and cost sensitive, you might be clearly better off going with translation by way of subtitles.
Subtitles come in three types:
— Subtitles directly “sewn” into the video, which cannot be turned off or are superimposed onto the original video when the target file is being created;
— Pre-rendered subtitles, which are pre-made images stored separately from the video and used on DVDs;
— Programmed subtitles, which are created in the form of a separate file (.srt, .ass, or other formats) and, if desired, can be turned off. Almost all modern video-player programs can read these formats. In addition, subtitles stored in the .srt format are compatible with such video-hosting services as YouTube and others; in other words, subtitles put together by us are adapted to work correctly on such Internet portals and can be uploaded up there along with the video file directly or using special applications (e.g., a tool for uploading content to the Vimeo hosting service).
Thus, if you need to have your content accompanied with a translation in any of the three forms of subtitles, our translators at LinguaContact will be able to promptly and efficiently fulfill your order using special software. We have everything we need for that. And we won’t just translate the job, but put together the subtitles in such a way as to ensure a maximum correspondence to what’s going on on the screen (synchronization), as well as make the text easy to read.

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