Spanish (Español)

Spoken mainly: In Spain , Latin America
Language system: Indo-European
Language group: Romanic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers: 400 million (4-5th largest in the world)
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When we talk about a certain language, we often imagine ourselves in a certain region of the world. It’s hardly possible when we talk about Spanish which is called in science a pluricentric language. That means that it has several centers of geographic distribution relatively independent from each other (mainly Spain, countries of Latin America.) The fact of its scope makes the skill of speaking Spanish extremely demanded in the modern world.
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Some facts about Spanish:
— The official language of the United Nations.
— Spanish has a vast variety of dialects.
— Some specialists consider Spanish grammatical system the simplest one. That’s why Spanish was taken as a basis when an artificial language of Esperanto was being developed.
— Spanish has a “phonetic” spelling system — all is written as it is pronounced.
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