Japanese language (日本語)

Spoken mainly: In Japan
Language family: Altaic (disputed)
Language group: Japanese-Ryukyuan
Writing system: Hieroglyphic or syllabic
Native speakers: 125 million (9th largest in the world)
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Japan is one of the largest world economies (2nd by nominal GDP) and is a respectable representative of the Asian region. Oriental traditionalism and western advanced technologies (both technologies in a social/corporate sphere and, in the literal sense of this word, hi-tech technologies) seem to be paradoxically combined and make this country’s human and finance recources extremely favourable for the rest of the world. Japanese goods, services and culture have always been attractive to the Western people. The ability to speak Japanese that is quite dissimilar for Europeans often appears to be a necessary condition to access the fruits of this unique civilization.
We won’t reiterate that it’s impossible for a person to speak all languages, but nevertheless it’s always possible to find a translator. If you have a necessity to understand a text or a speech in Japanese, you may contact LinguaContact translation agency and these texts will appear to you as if they were originally in Russian. We are ready to translate any Russian text to the language of the Land of the Rising Sun with equal pleasure.
Our experience in Japanese translation goes with a deep respect and consideration to the symbols of this ancient civilization. While doing a translation from/into Japanese we pay thorough attention to every hieroglyph, because that is the only way to give the same meaning necessary to a competent translation.
Some facts about Japanese:
— The Japanese language has an uncertain genealogical relationship with other languages and its relation to other language groups is debated. Linguists often call it a language isolate.
— Japanese uses the writing system that combines ideograms borrowed from Chinese, which represent an idea or object and have nothing to do with the sound system. Also, it uses phonological characters that correspond to certain sounds.
— Japanese has three types of direction in the writing system: a traditional “Chinese” — columns from top to bottom and from right to left, “European” — lines from left to right; “combined” — lines from right to left.
If you are in need of a translation from Japanese into Russian or vice versa, from Russian into Japanese, LinguaContact translation agency is eager to help you to solve this problem!
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