Estonian language (eesti keel)

Spoken mainly: In Estonia translation from estonian to russian
Language family: Finno-Ugric
Branch of language family: Baltic Finnic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers: 1.1 million
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Some facts about Estonian:
— Finno-Ugric people (Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians) ethnically do not have much in common with Europeans. Long time ago they came from beyond the Urals, where the major part of the peoples, historically related to Estonians, still remain (Komi, Mordovians, Udmurt, Khanty, Mansi, etc.)
— Estonian has 14 cases and an agglutinative morphology (uses several derivative affixes in one word for wordbuilding.) The closest relative of Estonian is Finnish.
— Vocabulary of Estonian was largely influenced by German and the Baltic languages.
— The dialects of Estonian are of two types — the North and South Estonian. Some researchers consider them two different languages.
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