Vietnamese language (Tiếng Việt)

Spoken mainly In Vietnam
Language family: Austroasiatic
Language group: Vietic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers: 68 million (16th largest in the world)
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Some facts about Vietnamese:
— The Vietnamese language was strongly influenced by Chinese. Up to 60% of modern Vietnamese vocabulary is of the Chinese origin.
— The modern literary Vietnamese language started to form in the 17th century (with the assistance of metropolitan France).
— A Vietnamese full name consists of three parts. The first word is the father’s last name. They use about 100 last names of this type in modern Vietnam, one of them — Nguen — belongs to nearly 40% of population. The second word is also picked from the limited list of names and indicates belonging to a generation (Van, Viet, Den, etc.). And only the last third part is a unique name of a person, Vietnamese people use them to address to each other.

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