Turkish (Türk dili)

Mainly spoken: Turkey translation from turkish into russian
Language family: Altay
Language group: Turkic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers: 61 million (19th largest in the world)
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Some facts about the Turkish language:
— The origins of the modern Turkish language are traced back to the 8-10th centuries A.D. (Central Asia, the Anatolian peninsula). A unique monument of this period is the Book of Divination, which is written in the Old Turkic runic script.
translation from russian into turkish
The word “Tengri” written in Orkhon (Old Turkic) runes.
— During the Ottoman Empire period (the 13-20th centuries), Turkish was greatly influenced by Arabic and Persian. There is an assertion that in the Ottoman language 80% of all derivations come from Arabic and Persian.
— Subsequent to the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, along with switching to the Latin script (which replaced the Arabic script) there began the active process of re-turkization — the replacing of Arabic-Persian derivations with “original” Turkic lexemes used in vernacular Turkish speech.
— According to some researchers, Turkish (along with Ottoman) is the second richest (behind modern English) language in terms of vocabulary. The modern Turkish lexicon contains nearly 616 500 000 words.
— Turkish has a pronounced agglutinative morphology: lots of affixes, which have a strictly grammatical meaning, can be attached to the root of the word. This is one of the key differences between the Turkic and Indo-European languages (the latter use flexional morphology — an ending or a suffix can carry as many as several meanings).
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