Thai (ภาษาไทย)

Mainly spoken: Thailand translation from thai to russian
Language family: Tai-Kadai
Language group: Thai
Writing system: Thai alphabet
Native speakers: 46 million (24th largest in the world)
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Some facts about the Thai language:
— Thai has a complex writing system, which comes from the ancient Khmer script called Vatteluttu (the Tamil for “round letters”). The alphabet has 44 consonants and 28 vowels (in the writing system, vowels can be positioned on the left, right, top of, or below consonants). Spaces are used only between sentences. Words are written conjointly (they often consist of one syllable).
— There are 5 phonemic tones in Thai.
— Thai’s grammar uses the technique of doubling words. For verbs, it’s used to emphasize the meaning of the word. For nouns – to express plural forms.
— Apart from the traditional division of a full day into 24 hours, Thai has separate terms for each of the four parts of a full day (each precisely 6 hours long).
— In Thailand, they use the Buddhist lunisolar calendar, which traces back to the time of Buddha’s attainment of nirvana and is ahead of the traditional Gregorian calendar by 543 years. Thus, the year 2011 corresponds to the year 2554 in Thailand. The first month by the lunisolar calendar is December.
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