Editing / Proofreading

корректура текста

Tiered mechanisms of revision and control have been indispensable to the success of modern production management and are among the major factors in achieving and maintaining the quality of products turned out or services rendered. This, likewise, applies to creating texts, original or target.
Today, LinguaContact is not just a translation firm – it’s rather a full-range agency. The translations we handle go through a meticulous editing and proofreading control process.
By convention, editing is the first tier in text revision, which includes work on style and grammar and control of its lexical uniformity. Whereas proofreading is the stage of final-touch polishing, which implies working on minute grammatical and syntax errors, with all the norms of national typography duly observed.
We do, surely, edit and proofread our own translations. However, if you already have a text, you can place an order with our agency for your text to be edited/proofread at an affordable price.
For texts in Russian, our base revision (editing + proofreading) rate is — 180 rubles per 1 standard page (1800 characters with spaces). If you just need to have your text proofread, the rate is 100 rubles per page (1800 characters with spaces).
We at LinguaContact are perfectly aware of the fact that any control starts with a properly selected staff. This is the primary reason we’ve made the selection of our specialists our top priority: LinguaContact employs solely editors and proofreaders with specialized lunguistic education and extensive work experiencce, who possess the highest levels of literacy, with an impeccable feel for language and style.
We also provide revision of previously done written translations: if the quality of the text is satisfactory, it will cost 50% of the translation job’s price.
Let us underscore that if a text is written competently with a good language style to it, it will substantially enhance the attractiveness of your products or services and boost your advertising or website conversion rates.
For earnest businesses, it’s a rule of decorum, just like a necktie selected in good taste or freshly ironed pants. As the proverb goes, “fine dress helps to impress”.

ISO 9001:2011

"Alba Longa" translation company was certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2011

Высококачественные услуги

Благодарим бюро переводов "ЛингваКонтакт" за оказание качественных услуг по синхронному русско-китайскому переводу. Хочется отметить индивидуальный подход, оперативность принятия решений, подбор высококвалифицированных переводчиков и гарантированное выполнение взятых обязательств. ”
- АУ Чувашской Республики "РБИ" Минэкономразвития Чувашии

Expression of gratitude

We would like to thank LinguaContact translation company for our fruitful cooperation in translation and subtitling of TV shows. While working on the project, LinguaContact proved to be an accurate, goal-oriented and highly responsive team of professionals.”
- T.V. Zubov, Head of Line Production Department (Comedy Club Production)