Literary translation

Literary translation is obviously the most interesting and ample branch of modern translation activity. That is because besides brilliant knowledge of their native and foreign languages, translators need to have an extensive background in the Humanities and a profound understanding of the word’s esthetic nature.

On the one hand, that very subject is the primary direction of standard Russian higher education in translation studies (basically, a translator cannot become a professional without knowledge of a literary language). On the other hand, real life shows us how difficult it is to understand profound language basis of an elevated literary text for correlation of one language with another. That is why a quality literary translation is a true masterpiece, creators of which receive public acknowledgement equal to the author’s.

художественный перевод с английского

Some special characteristics of literary translation:
— Literary translation is unidirectional only: it is performed from a foreign language into a native one.
— Tight requirements of target translation stylistics.
— It is obligatory for a translator to be a broad-minded person. They must have deep understanding of literary and cultural contexts of the translated author.
— The translator’s vivid interest in the source text is required.
— Creative ideas in conveying individual characteristics of an author’s writing style are important too.

LinguaContact translation company pays thorough attention to literary translation of fiction books, magazine articles, journalism. We work with translators of the highest qualification and competence not only to avoid a fruitless and insignificant work but also to enrich the world’s cultural heritage with a deep sense and a high style.
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Project Gutenberg is the largest library of free ebooks in foreign languages.

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Expression of gratitude

We would like to thank LinguaContact translation company (ex. Alba Longa) for our fruitful cooperation in translation and subtitling of TV shows. While working on the project, LinguaContact proved to be an accurate, goal-oriented and highly responsive team of professionals.”
- T.V. Zubov, Head of Line Production Department (Comedy Club Production)

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...a great work was carried out: KNT Group web-site and advertising booklets were translated into Spanish, and multiple sound tracks were recorder for our commercial clips. All the works were performed by LinguaContact (ex. Alba Longa) in a very good quality.
The pricing policy is flexible and well balanced.
- Artiom Melnikov, Head of Technical Support (KNT Group)