Persian (Farsi) (زبان فارسی)

Mainly spoken: Iran Afghanistan (Dari) Tajikistan (Tajik)
Language family: Indo-European
Language group: Iranian
Writing system: Arabic (Persian alphabet)
Native speakers: 60-70 million
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Some facts about the Persian language:
— The Persian language has a long and rich history, which is well represented by literary monuments across all stages of history.
— Over the period of its development, the language experienced relatively minor changes – contemporary Persians generally are able to read texts written many hundreds of years ago.
— During the Arab conquest, the language was strongly influenced by Arabic (in terms of writing and vocabulary). On the other hand, Persian itself had long been the language of international culture for Islamic countries. Along with Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit, it is included in the golden fund of world literature.
— The language’s orthography is complex for perception due to the absence of clear-cut rules for spelling.
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