Norwegian (Norsk)

Mainly spoken: Norway translation from norwegian to russian
Language family: Indo-European
Language group: Germanic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers 4,6 million
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Some facts about the Norwegian language:
— Up until the 9th century A.D., the population of modern Scandinavia had spoken the single Old Scandinavian language, which is attested to by runic writings found in various regions. The Norwegian language began to split off from its near-neighbor counterparts in circa the 12th century.
— Genetically, Norwegian gravitated more towards the insular Scandinavian languages (Icelandic, Faroese). However, due to political-historical reasons, the language was greatly influenced by Danish. This, to a large extent, engendered some ambiguity and complexity about the status of the official modern Norwegian language, which is divided into: Bokmål (which is close to Danish and is the most common standard form of written Norwegian) and Nynorsk (which is associated with radical trends in the quest for the nation’s “own”, original language).
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