Korean language (한국어)

Spoken mainly: In North Korea , South Korea
Language family: Altaic (disputed)
Writing system: Korean featural alphabet (hangul)
Native speakers: 78 million (12th largest in the world)
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Some facts about Korean:

— There is no common opinion among linguists about the origin of the Korean language. Some of them attribute it to the Altaic languages, some relate it to Japanese, others consider it a language isolate.

— Through the history the Korean language has had a remarkable trend towards reduction of dialect influence that is unification. But there is the other side of the question — South Korean and North Korean are gradually separating from each other because of political situation between the countries.

— The Korean writing system “hangul” is featural (the letters encode phonological features of the phonemes they represent). Also, people of South Korea sometimes use the logographic writing “hanja” borrowed from Chinese.

— Apart from original Korean words, up to 50% of all vocabulary are Chinese loanwords, but they were borrowed many years ago (like modern European languages that borrowed words from Ancient Greek). Korean also has groups of Mongolian and Sanskrit loanwords. The number of English loanwords in the modern South Korean is gradually increasing.

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