Georgian (ქართული ენა)

Mainly spoken: Georgia translation from Georgian to Russian, Turkey ,
Azerbaijan , Iran
Language family: Caucasian (Ibero-Caucasian)
Language group: Kartvelian
Writing system: Georgian script
Native speakers: 3 700 000
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Georgia is an amazing country with an original culture and a deeply ancient history which goes back innumerable centuries. Its peculiar traditions and the recognized richness of the Georgian language quite long ago transcended national boundaries, having risen to the international level, becoming a part of the cultural heritage of all humanity.
Georgian is a very intricate and unusual language. It’s one of the oldest “living” languages on Earth, which are distinguished by pronounced conservatism and continuous democratization. The language of Georgians (who call themselves the Kartvelebi) does fully convey abstract ideas, easily gets along with foreign languages, being good at assimilating and adapting the achievements of thought and speech of other peoples.
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Some facts about the Georgian language:
— There are four variants of the Georgian language: literary (kartuli-yena), Megrelian (margalur-nina), Laz (lazuri-nena), and Svan (lushnu-nin).
— Georgian includes 17 dialects. The differences between them are subtle.
— Most of the Georgian words come from Arabic, Persian, Greek and Turkish.
— The Georgian alphabet is the only alphabet wherein one phoneme corresponds to one letter and vice versa. It has 33 letters — 5 vowels and 28 consonants. The latter prevail.
— Georgian has a variety of word-formation models.
— The Georgian numeral system is vigesimal. A number is determined by the number of twenties and a remainder. For instance, the number “twenty five” will sound like “twenty plus five”.
— There is no division between the masculine and feminine grammatical genders.
— Only in Georgian “papa” means “mama”(მამა), and “mama” means “dada” (დედა).
— There are no capital letters in Georgian — even proper names are lowercase.
— The alphabet has two letters for “t”, “p”, “ts”, and “h”, three letters for “k”. They just need to be distinguished from each other and pronounced properly.
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