English language

Spoken mainly: In USA, Great Britain , Australia
Language family: Indo-European
Language group: Germanic
Writing system: Latin script
Native speakers: 410 million (4th largest in the world)
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English is the 4th language by number of speakers in the world after Chinese, Arabic and Hindi and, no doubt, #1 language by volume of transmitted information. It is universally accepted that English is an international language and is studied all over the world. Anglophone countries (the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia) are today’s most active players on international economic and cultural scene.

As it has already been mentioned, the abilities to speak any language and translate from one language to another are not absolutely the same things. For example, modern science evidenced cases when bilingual people (able to use two languages for communication as their native) were not able to do translation between the languages that they have obtained naturally. Moreover, translation itself is a tricky business that requires a good deal of effort and time.

Translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English is the primary activity for any translation agency. A large number of contracts, websites, and documents are commonly duplicatedparticularly in English.

Some facts about English:

— Archaic orthography of the English language is quite complicated and is not reflected in a modern oral speech. The famous linguist Max Muller named English spelling a “national disaster.”

— English is a laconic language and shorter words are characteristic of it.

A translation from Russian into English can be three times less in volume than the source text.

— Conversion (a change of a word into a word of another word class without any change in form) is a typical feature of English wordbuilding. For instance, “water” (a liquid) and “to water” (to produce or give water).

— The English language has an enomous vocabulary of nearly half a million words (100 thousand words in Russian vocabulary in contrast).

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