Bulgarian (Български език)

Mainly spoken: Bulgaria
Language family: Indo-European
Language group: Slavic
Writing system: Cyrillic (Bulgarian alphabet)
Native speakers: 12 million (86th largest in the world)
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Bulgarian is the first and still the only Cyrillic language recognized as one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. Modern Bulgarian was formed during the period of national renaissance (18–19th centuries). Being a representative of the Slavic language group, Bulgarian differs from most of its “neighbors” by the total absence of cases, whereas it has the definite, indefinite, and zero article. Thus, the Bulgarian language can serve as a vivid example of how the grammar of a language can be transformed when it’s surrounded by foreign languages. Bulgarian is spoken by 12 million people around the world, including citizens of Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Russia. The language is not native to 15% of the country’s population, which is quite high for Eastern Europe.

Some facts about the Bulgarian language:
— Bulgarian has a lot in common with Church Slavonic and still contains many archaic words among all the East Slavic languages.
— The historically governed supremacy of Turkey in the region, the cultural heritage of Byzantium, the influence of Russia, France, and Germany left their mark in the form of numerous loanwords.
— To linguists, the Bulgarian language is a unique phenomenon in the Slavic world. This language is a direct descendant of the 1st recorded Slavic language – Old Slavic; yet modern Bulgarian, nominally speaking, is morphologically and syntactically the most “un-Slavic” language.
— To native speakers of Russian, Bulgarian is one of the most easy-to-understand and simple languages beyond the East Slavic region of usage. This is due to the fact that these languages are similar to each other in terms of their lexical, phonetic, and graphic aspects, as well as their structural simplicity.

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